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July 11

Voisin·es imaginaires @ Wolf

Imaginary neighbors @ Wolf

The Wolf invites you to sit comfortably in its unique library and listen to the stories imagined by our little participants about their imaginary neighbors!

Musée d'archéologie de Forest

Museum of archaeology of Forest

Marilyne proposed to the inhabitants of Forest that they join her in putting together a collection of their most precious objects: not the most shiny or flashy objects, but objects that are close to the people's hearts, lucky charms for example. 34 residents answered the call. Each picture refers to a story (QR codes that must be scanned lead to a playlist with stories told by the residents)

Histoires de Café Verhalen

Histoires de Café Verhalen

After all too long we have been allowed far too little, we can finally meet again. And where better than in a café, the illustrious place we had to miss for the longest time. On July 11, our storytellers will read the most memorable café stories on Brussels terraces and in iconic cafés.

Afropolitan Stories

Afropolitan Stories

Bozar with some partners of the Afropolitan Weekend & Forum will propose a plateau of storytelling performances. Some extract lectures of the prominent writer Leonora Miano and works performed by Afropean project asbl. The freshly written tale Sous le Dologuahi will be performed by Oumar Sow & Nassim Bougotaya in collaboration with Ras El Hanout asbl. Kuumba asbl’s Next Generation Speaks young artists will recite some slam poetry pieces. Aline Yasmin (Espirito Mundo asbl) will present the poetic intervention "Para quem chega sem dizer adeus | For those who arrive without saying goodbye" & "We are all Marielle". Finally, an excerpt from the book 'Born in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong body?' wiil be performed by the author himself Ebale Zam Martino.

Balade interactive aux nuances polonaises

Guided walk with a Polish Taste

The Polish Institute of Brussels invites you to a walk through Brussels with Danuta Slowikowska as your guide. She will take you along the streets in the heart of Brussels and, with a few thematic stops as a common thread, tell the story of what binds Belgium and Poland. Along the way, participants can pick up and enrich the tour with their own - personal or not personal - stories. An anecdote, a Polish poem of your preference, an experience, a story your grandmother used to tell ... Anyone who wants to intervene in French, the main language of this walk, is welcome: come along and tell us about 'your Poland'! Registration on this adress

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