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March 21

Six chapitres du Nord-Ouest

Six chapters of the Northwest

As part of "La Ville des mots 2021" edition, the North-West team invites six amateur storytellers to record a piece of their story. Naoufel, Meryam and Eoghan will share their stories in a place in their community that they love. A great opportunity to let your ears wander in the street on March 21 while the team gets on their bikes to collect anecdotes about languages, words, quiproquos and accents. A small-scale journey from story to story, from neighbor to neighbor, to be discovered on the Ville des mots website.

Livraison d’histoires

Stories delivered to you

It can't always be packages or pizza! Have a story delivered to your door. You choose the desired time and the language. An actor or actress delivers the story to your door. Nice and easy and completely safe. You can choose between stories in Dutch, French, English, Italian or Arabic. And it's completely free, the story couriers don't even need a tip!

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