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May 13

Brusselsspeaks dans les métros!

Brusselsspeaks in de metros!

To make the festival spread all through the city on May 13th, the STIB/MIVB will broadcast in its (pre)metro stations a soundtrack of voices and stories collected at the beginning of 2021 by BNA-BBOT and Les microsondes. A polyphonic ode to the language of Brussels today to be listened to without moderation! From 8am to 5pm in all stations

Safari des auteur·e·s

Safari of authors

For the third year in a row, and because it was really fantastic, Alexandre Dewez takes us for a crazy walk in the Plasky district. Headphones on, we go in search of authors who might be hiding in the neighborhood. In French. Free. Reservation required.

Gueuloir poétique

Shout of poetry

Brussels is full of words, a thousand languages and poetry. What place can be more "Brussels" than the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert! In an event in the presence of the authors but separated by the height of the place, poets and authors will shout to the public in strolling in the Galleries.

La Bibliothèque Vivante

The Living Library

Pop into the Living Library and have a personal conversation with Living Books. These are people who have been confronted with prejudice at somepoint in their lives. People, moreover, that youmight not easily get to talk to in everyday life: the ex-Alcoholic, the Homosexual Woman, the Daughter of Colonizers, the Mother of a Young Man Who Left for Syria, the Part-Time Psychotic, the Exiled Missionary...Engage in conversation and ask questions without taboos, in a friendly and caring environment. Get to know the person behind the story.

Workshop storytelling: The Slow Reveal

Workshop storytelling: The Slow Reveal

Brussels is many worlds in one. There is no single story to tell. Together, we begin the impossible task of slowly revealing the city to ourselves, oftelling some of its many stories and bringing them together in what can only bean entirely unfinished text. In this multilingual storytelling workshop, we will collect the language moving through Brussels. Encouraged by writers Giuliana Kiersz and Sofie Verraest, we question ourselves and those around to write a collective text that contains the diverse and contradictory perceptions of this city.

Poèmes déconfinés

Unboxed poems

The Midis de la Poésie propose you to hear the poems written by the people of Brussels during the time of lockdown. They have been collected to nourish these cloistered times of poetic sharing of different kinds. They will be shouted by Laurence Vielle in the public space, in Saint-Gilles.

Atelier avec Lisette Lombé

Workshop with Lisette Lombé

As part of La Foire du Livre de Bruxelles, writing enthusiasts will be able to participate in a unique online workshop with Lisette Lombé. Lisette Lombé will close this fiery event with a reading of excerpts from "Brûler, brûler, brûler". Reservations are required at (limited inscriptions).

More events to come. Stay tuned.
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