Let's fill the city with stories!
Remplissons la ville d’histoires !

Brussels City of Stories is a participative project that aims to inhabit the territory of Brussels in a poetic way by filling the city with the stories of the people who live there.

We all have a story to tell, but mostly stories! Whether funny or not so funny, beautiful or surprising, true or imaginary, these stories follow us everywhere we go and cross paths through encounters that bring people and places together.

Brussels, with its 180 nationalities and nearly a 100 languages, is full of stories that are just waiting to be told!

Brussels pen pals who took part in ‘Brussels City of Letters’ meet live and admire each other's writing, exhibited at Muntpunt.

We have assembled 50 pairs of pen pals of all ages, cultures and languages, including 7 Belgian authors, high school students, professional authors, people who write in their spare time, newcomers in Brussels, seniors, and people with a psychological vulnerability. The pairs will exchange some letters, discussing various themes. 5 participating classes will receive a writing workshop led by an author. With the authors' permission, fragments of these letters will be selected for an exhibition at Muntpunt and in public spaces, where the participants will meet. The Brussels City of Letters project aspires to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of Brussels, strengthen the connection between citizens, promote encounters between city dwellers and nurture the literary genre of the letter.

15.05: vernissage exhibition

On May 15 as we unveiled the results of the third edition of Brussels City of Stories. For the past few months, inhabitants of Brussels, previously strangers, have been exchanging letters and became pen pals. On May 15, they came together and finally met at Muntpunt. The opening event showcased performances by some participants, with excerpts from their letters displayed on posters.

15.05 > 15.06: exhibition @ Muntpunt & Brussels

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Axelle Verkempinck tecuento - colectivo ultimatum